A Penny Doubled

The effort you invest in building up a passive income source can be compared to starting with a penny and doubling its value at intervals as progress is made. This analogy applies to anything you do that can return a long term payoff after a period of investing effort. Blogs, business websites, investment accounts – you name it!

It Starts With A Penny

One penny0.01 – Not a very impressive amount. But this can represent “time zero” when you start your effort to build an income producing business.

0.02 – Okay, but still nothing to crow about.

0.04 – This is taking forever…

0.08 – Lots of folks give up at this point

0.16 – Maybe I’ll stick with it..

0.32 – I feel like giving up..

0.64 – Not much

1.28 – I’m getting impatient!!

2.56 – Calm down..

5.12 – Focus

10.24 – Keep doing what I’m doing







1,310.72 – Hmmmnnnn….

2,621.44 – I’m going to do this full time! Bye-bye sucky J.O.B.

5,242.88 – Getting exciting!

10,485.76 – Wow!

20,971.52 – I’m glad I did not give up!

41,943.04 – Oh my!!





1,342,177.28 – And it all started with….a penny

It Starts With That First Step

Building out a profitable website or online business is a lot like this doubling penny analogy. One has to take that first step. Develop some healthy habits, a daily method of operation. Set some long term and short term goals or targets and get to work!

A big reason for my I Do Passive Income is to give me a focus point, an anchor that will keep me focused on achieving my own long term goals. More importantly this allows me to share my journey with others by providing information and resources that will be help to anyone seeking financial freedom.

Sort of not my usual post, but just wanted to share it!


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