Staying Healthy

What’s a “Staying Healthy” page doing on a site about generating online income? Because Wealth and Health belong together! What good is having financial freedom if you do not have the health to enjoy it?

I have been fortunate to enjoy excellent health over the past several decades. On this page, I will give just a nut-shell  – yes, raw nuts are healthy 🙂 – overview of some of the things that work for me and help keep my mind sharp.


WaterWe are 98% water! Make sure the water you drink is clean and the very best for your body. I use a water distiller to make a supply of purified water. For the water I drink, I add mineral drops such as Concentrace(tm) to make it alkaline and add crucial trace minerals. Tap water is highly questionable, you just don’t know what’s in it. The water distiller is the most effective way I’ve found to purify water.

Simple Diet

Fresh BeetsAll around us, we are bombarded with advertisements blandishing us to stuff food into our faces. It has been said that we are slowly digging our graves with our teeth! So many “diseases” are linked to poor diet which makes to body acidic. Research of subjects such as “acidosis” and “low level inflammation” will be very enlightening.


Foot Prints

Of course, getting up and being active is important. I don’t have any particular exercise regimen. I simply enjoy walking a lot. I also enjoy theme parks and roller coasters – yes, riding roller coasters has developed some muscles I never knew existed!

Well, that’s my nut-shell skinny I what I do to keep healthy!

Cheers to Health and Wealth,


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