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Hello, I am Oren LeavittOren

A quiet fellow who has worked professionally in mixed mobile and desktop software development for 16+ years. Applications include Health Care/tele-health, data collection/condition monitoring for off shore oil drilling, gambling, and ticketing. 4+ years experience developing in iOS. 25+ years general programming experience.

My career interests have shifted from software development towards building an online business, built around a niche I enjoy, as a source of income.

The purpose of I Do Passive Income is to document what I am learning and help others learn how to do the same and break free from a job they hate.

I also enjoy electronics, electronic music, building analog synthesizers, roller coasters and theme parks, and am a member of ACE – American Coaster Enthusiasts. I enjoy participating in ACE events that take place nationally.


Nerdy Beginnings

Oren 1966In school, I had always been the “nerdy kid” who never fit in with the “normal” kids. I was never into sports. I functioned a little differently, which caused me to not do as well as others in school.

To this date, I do have some minor quirks in my oral and written communication skills. You may notice them coming out here and there in my posts as you browse my site. Best Rx is practice, practice, practice, just do it, be yourself and don’t try to be perfect.

I do believe I was discovering early on my life that I am not a herd follower 🙂 . Naturally, I would gravitate towards nerdy interests like…

Electronic Stuff

Radio Shack 100 in 1 kitI have had a longtime interest in electronics as a hobby that started in 1971 at the age of 7 when I dismantled a flashlight and wired a battery and the bulb together with a scrap of wire and made my first working circuit! The thrill of this led me to building more contraptions of batteries and bulbs, and then on to electronics by way of educational kits. I loved my Science Fair 100-in-1 bought in 1976 at a local Radio Shack!

My main interest was mostly audio electronics. I would spend all of my spare time building things like radios, audio amplifiers and anything interesting that appeared in Popular Electronics, an electronics magazine I had subscribed to then. And along came…


It was some years later, around 1982 or so, that the analog synth ‘bug’ bit me and my electronics focus shifted to building synthesizers. I picked up a wonderful book at a local Heathkit (remember those?) electronics store called ‘Electronic Music Circuits’ by Barry Klein. It was this book that inspired my first synth that I built in 1983. This obsession has since grown into a wall of analog synthesizer modules. I hope to find more time to do some serious production with it!

Modular Analog Synthesizer


Mandelbrot Set
Then along came computers! It was the beauty of computer graphics and fractal geometry that got me started in programming. I saw these beautiful renderings of the Mandelbrot Set in the August 1985 issue of Scientific American and then wrote a program on my (then new) Apple //e that would render it. Later, on a PC, I developed a comprehensive 3D ray tracing application written in C. This program reads in a text file containing a C-like scene description language, and renders a ray-traced image.

In fact, I used this ray tracer to render some of the graphics used throughout this website.

Ray Traced Sphere Hex

Light Bulbs

Another of my oddities is an unusual attraction to light bulbs and incandescent light ever since I was a kid. I have a large collection of light bulbs, including many antiques over 100 years old!

Circa 1900 Carbon Filament Light Bulb


But Something Is Missing…

What fun are all of these passions if one does not have the time at the end of the day to enjoy them?

That has been my dilemma and motivation for this site. I have been spending most of my time working for just enough income to get by and repeating the same cycle all over again the next day. I have been looking for ways to earn extra income online and get past the limitation of a day’s work for a day’s pay.

In reality, it has been hard to sort out the scams from legitimate methods. Thus I have created this blog site to share what I find on my quest. A quest to increase my own income, leverage my time, and ultimately achieve a passive income I can “retire” on and find the free time to enjoy more of these things I do.

Most importantly be able to share what I find here with others so that they may be better informed. I am currently taking trainings using a very successful resource called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’d like to jump right in and get going, you can register here and create a free starter account. This is where I hang out everyday to network with likeminded people on a mission to find this missing piece!


A Few of My Favorite Quotes

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.”
Thomas Alva Edison

“What can you do that’s fantastic?”
Frank Zappa

“Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

What Is Oren’s Nickname?


Things I Enjoy

  • Building successful online businesses
  • Electronics (The kind you solder!)
  • Building stuff
  • Audio/Amplifiers
  • Electronic Music
  • High Voltage stuff
  • Solar
  • Astronomy
  • Computers
  • My first computer was an Apple //e.
    I learned AppleSoft BASIC and 6502 Assembler on it.
  • Computer Graphics
  • Image Processing
  • 3D Rendering
  • Ray Tracing
    I have written a sophisticated ray tracer in C from scratch
  • Fractal Geometry
  • Organic Gardening
  • Roller Coasters & Theme Parks
  • Beard and Moustache Contests
  • Beer!

It is a pleasure to meet you! Enjoy your visit here and feel free to leave a comment! You can also visit my profile on Wealthy Affiliate.

All of the best,


6 thoughts on “About Oren”

  1. Hey Oren, by any chance did you go to Spring Valley Junior High! If so I remember you and congratulations on all you have accomplished! If you’re not that Oren congratulations still stand!

    Jeff Bartels

  2. Hi Oren or do you prefer Binky? I enjoyed your website, I feel so inadequate, when beside a master of such things Technical. I would love to be more computer savvy, as you know how the computer works from the inside out and outside in. I like your graphics, and the programme you designed is fantastic.
    You are a really interesting person. Your website is so refreshing as your quirky fab personality shines through. I was reading an article about a genius who when a child was sent home with a letter from his teacher.
    The teacher told him not to open it, only his mother could. When she opened it he asked her what did it say? She told her 6 year old son that the school was not equipped to teach such a genius and that she would have to teach him herself at home.
    Decades later after his mother died he found the letter and read it. At this stage he was a an accomplished genius, the letter read that he was a delinquent student, and they could not carry him as he would hold the other students back. If a child is told they are useless they are destroyed but if they are praised and encouraged they will flourish into someone wonderful and unique.
    I wish you success and happiness in your affiliate training and career. You were born to inspire!

    • Hi Yvonne, thank you very kindly for the comment and compliments! I go by Oren.

      That is a very beautiful story about the six year old son and the school. It reminds me of this quote by Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
      What we are told in those early years of our lives lasts a lifetime!

      Cheers and Best, Oren

  3. Oren, you’re a gem! I am so pleased to have met you this evening. I am also a music lover, and have composed music using Finale and Cakewalk (it’s been a long time, though). I have techie friends, one in particular (used to be a roommate and romantic interest) whom I think you would treasure; I hope I have the opportunity to introduce you to him. He is an expert in testing equipment, and has passionately pursued learning about the intricacies about how such devices work.

    The database I was referring to is named Participants Database offered at https://xnau.com/work/wordpress-plugins/participants-database/ . Although it is not a relational database, the designer has included a groups functionality that allows it to perform as one: you can create groups and then enroll participants as members of groups.

    Thank you for letting me have a little “hormone therapy”. It was downright wonderful!

    Your friend,


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