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UnpackingBuilding an online business that can eventually generate passive income does not have to be complicated. It just has to be done right! Forget all of the tired old get-rich-quick schemes and lets get started with a plan that will work today, and for years to come!

  • Tired of trying over and over to earn extra money online?
  • Do you feel like your entire day is spent making just enough money to “just get by”?
  • Do you feel so overwhelmed by the information out there that you give up trying?
  • Do you feel like you won’t succeed because of not having super-duper “Sales” skills?

Welcome aboard! I am happy that your search has brought you here instead of the landing page of yet another scheme full of promises, up-sells and let-downs. So kick back, relax and catch your breath, because…

I would like to help you get started in the right direction!

Yes, you heard right – in the right direction!

Hello, I am Oren Leavitt, creator of I Do Passive Income. I am honored to have you here. Let’s get to know one another! If you have not already do so, you can read more about me here.

Let’s face it, there are too many scams to watch out for, and so little time to sort out the honest ways to earning an income online. That alone has always been my biggest frustration. So…

What is that one thing keeping YOU from success?


  • Is it fear of not succeeding?
  • Is it trying, and failing, too many times in past?
  • Were you scammed or ripped off?
  • Is it just too many options and not knowing which way to go?
  • Don’t have time for it?

Yeah, it is easy to fall back into familiar comfort zones when the going gets tough.

For me, the greatest obstacle I have faced is not having enough time left in the day to pursue the things I really want to achieve. It is being trapped having to sell my time for a living – In other words: A day’s work for a day’s pay. After so many previous failed attempts at pursuing financial independence, I had given up!

I had written off anything on the internet as being a scam. I developed this fear that I would just be wasting my time pursuing yet another “opportunity”. So I was resigned to the tried and true, but inefficient “steady job and save money” approach to hopefully “retiring” sometime – sometime……. someday……. When the cows come home?….. Well, I ain’t gettin any younger!

It dawned on me that there were people all around me who seemed to be living the “good life” and doing so honestly. So I knew there had to be a better way to build wealth smartly and legitimately.

What is “Passive Income”?

Launching RocketIt’s in the name of my website. So what is it? Passive income is income you receive regularly with little effort required. This is different from having to work a certain number of hours every day to earn a day’s pay.

Unless you win the lottery, building up a source of passive income will require a heavy investment of effort in the beginning, before it begins to generate income. The logo you see at the top, wherever you are in my site, represents a graph of effort vs income over time.

It’s like launching a rocket. The initial launch is the most critical time and requires the most calculation, fuel and effort. Once it reaches orbit, the amount of effort required is reduced. All that is needed at this point is periodic course correction and maintenance. Building an online business is very similar.

After all, Rome wasn’t built overnight. If you are here to get rich quick… Uh… well, just hit that “back” button now – you are in the wrong place!

Below is a listing of just a few of many possible sources of passive income:

  • Real estate investments that go up in value and/or generate rent/lease payments.
  • Savings in a mutual fund or investments in the stock market.
  • A well established “downline” in an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program – if you’re really lucky.
  • An established website or blog that generates revenue from ads and affiliate marketing.

Here we will focus on that last item. On how websites and blogs can be built up into long term income generating assets. Just like the other methods listed, and like launching that rocket, building up a website into a source of income will take time and effort.

The website/blog approach is ideal as it does not require physical property like real estate does. Nor does it require waiting half a lifetime as investing in mutual finds does. Your level of success with the websites/blogs you build will be determined only by how dedicated you are to getting it off the ground! Your time is valuable and you want to spend it doing things that matter most to you, instead of squandering it away “trying to make a living”!

Let’s get over some myths about making money online

There are myths, assumptions, and half truths everywhere about online marketing. So many that it has gotten a bad stigma. So let’s knock some of common myths out of our way.

Myth: The internet is “saturated”

Enter a few common keywords into your favorite search engine, and viola: You get back pages and pages of everything under the sun remotely pertaining to those keywords. Most folks give up at the thought of trying to “compete” for attention in a space like this with millions of others clamoring for attention.

The truth is, you can learn easily how to find your own “niche“, something you are passionate about and become an authority in it. You can learn how to choose the right keywords and build your content to attract an audience that is eager to see what you have to offer. You are no longer lost in the millions. You are now an Authority!

Myth: Gotta have super-duper “Sales” skills

But I’m not a sales person! I am a quiet introvert sort of fellow. I am not the best “writer” in the world. Does that mean I am going to suck at making a passive income online? No. Having a burning passion for what you do is what really “sells” itself. The energy and enthusiasm you radiate will naturally attract others and prospective customers.

If you have or can attract an audience, you can sell!

Myth: “Internet marketing means having a bunch of ugly ads on my website”

Yuck – that is so 1990’s and so tacky. Back in the wild west days of internet marketing it used to be about how many ads you can sling at the poor user. How much spam email you can bombard them with. Stuffing web pages so full of keywords that they are meaningless. This is what gave online marketing a bad name! Pfffffttttt…. that doesn’t fly today.

Users are smart, and search engines have gotten smart at delivering more useful results, too. Having a messy page full of ads is not going put you on page one of Google search results. What sells is useful, informative and engaging content. We are in an age of “content marketing”. Successful internet marketing is about bringing something useful to the table.

Myth: “It takes money to make money”

I’m sure you’ve heard this old cliche a gazillion times! This has its roots back when a traditional brick and mortar business was the most common way to have your own business. Either that or the cost of setting up a mobile (as in car or truck) business or service. In either case, it can require an investment of tens of thousands of dollars just get started. Then you’d need enough “runway” cash reserve to absorb all of the monthly operating costs until the business got off the ground and was making a profit.

With the evolution of the Internet, the advent of online business and virtual storefronts, the game has changed. It is now easier than ever to start up a business for a fraction of the cost of an offline business – or even no out-of-pocket cost if your determined enough!

There are many services that one must purchase and setup make the foundation for their online business. Then there is the need for training on how to make all of this work together. Then there are advertising/promotion costs. At this point we still need “some money to make money”. The costs for the minimum needed services run around a few hundred dollars to more than a thousand per month. This is still far easier than the costs for the offline business.

It get’s even better! Keep on reading and we’ll get into how you can easily build an online business for less than $100 or even $50 per month.


You need just a few basics:

As we touched on above, there are a few basics we need to lay the foundation for an online business.


A website is your building or home. Without a website, you are homeless on the information super highway. Building an attractive website or blog will be the single most important step you can take towards building a foundation upon which you can build an internet business around your chosen niche. We will show you very easy ways you can get up and running with a website in a matter of minutes! This is your foundation.


This will be what your business specializes in. This can be anything there is demand for. What subject do you enjoy the most?

The most successful businesses are build up around a specialty the owner is super passionate about! That one thing that puts a spring in your step and gets you up in the morning. That is your niche.


Now you need stuff to put in your home – your website. The easiest way to fill your website with stuff is to create a blog and post about subjects that you enjoy most – your niche!

  • What is it that you are good at?
  • What would you consider yourself an “Authority” on?
  • What are you truly passionate about that you can talk about for hours on end?
  • What can you show passers by on the information highway that you are ready for prime time and that you have something valuable to offer?
  • What are products and services that relate to what you love most?

In this era of “content marketing”, elaborating on and sharing your passion for your niche will evolve into a lively and active website that can attract others with same or similar interests.


Q: How do you stand out in the crowd on the internet?

A: By not following the crowd!

By having a website dedicated to your particular niche, your passion, you will attract others out of the “Crowd-in-the-Cloud” who share similar interests. The training and tools we’ll discuss here, will show you how to bypass the “competition” and tune in to these audiences and stand out as an Authority on your niche! For example, you will learn how to use tools to research and structure your content around “long tail” keyword searches. These are search terms that others are using often, but are not getting back lots of results on. In other words, high demand and low competition. By being an Authority, you will stand out!


When you’ve become an Authority and are attracting visitors, chances are they may be looking for goods and services related to your niche. Why not help them with these potential buying decisions by offering links to these products or services. We will show you how Affiliate Marketing can earn you a commission on every sale.

Your visitors may even want to know how you created this awesome online business! Gotcha covered – We will show you how to share the training and tools with others looking to capitalize on their own niche, and earn a recurring commission!

Training and Tools

Okay, got these basics, but how do I do this?!? Now for that “training and tools” thing. Starting an adventure down an unknown road is no fun. You need a road map and a guide! You need to avoid common mistakes that newcomers to the online business world make. Having access to complete training resources is the most important of these basics.

Community and Support

It is extremely helpful to participate in groups and communities that discuss all of the aspects of online business building. You’ll never be “going it alone”. You can leverage the experience of others and avoid costly mistakes. It has been said that “It takes a village”!


Bringing it all Together

It gets even nicer when you can have all of the basics mentioned above in one integrated platform. So now I’d love to share with you a resource that will give you the tools, training and community support to make it all happen.

Welcome to….

Wealthy Affiliate University!

You can even start for FREE, and try it out. No credit card required.

Compare Wealthy Affiliate Starter And Premium

So bring your niche, your passion and imagination, and we’ll show you resources to turn it into a thriving online business you can be proud of!

You can check out my full in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review here.

Thank You For Dropping By!

Again, a hearty welcome to “I Do Passive Income”! I hope that the pages within this site inspire you to make that “change” in your life that you have always been wanting to do. The world can become a better place – one success story at a time and I want you to succeed!  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!

Wishing you the very Best,



6 thoughts on “Getting Started”

  1. Hi Oren,

    Great to finally read something helpful, I have been looking for a while now on how I can improve my finances as they can do with some improving. I have looked at some other programs but they seem a little expensive, how much does the certificate corse cost?


    • Hi Tim, the first course of the Certification training, “Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started” (10 Lessons), is free with a “Starter” membership. With the “Premium” membership ($49 per month or $359 yearly) you get “the keys to the Kingdom” and have access to all courses, community help, and the tools to put the training into action. I have gone with the yearly subscription, as it is the best deal (equiv to < $30 per month). I highly recommend it since there is enough training and activity to keep you busy for a year or more. The free "Starter" option is great for those who want to get a taste of the WA community, and try the first course of both the Certification and Bootcamp training courses before deciding whether or not to commit to the full training.

      You can read more at my Wealthy Affiliate Review post.

      Thanks for your comment! I hope this helps.

  2. Oren, you really explain the process of affiliate marketing in a clear and convincing way. And I agree that the training at Wealthy Affiliate is great. Excellent post.

    • Amanda, thank you for the kind words. I tried my best… As you are well aware of, there is only so much about all WA has to offer that can be jammed into one page. The adventure really begins when you begin the trainings and the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle start to snap together.

    • Liam, thanks for your comment. I learned more on WA in just a month than I did in an entire decade. Having these resources combined in one coherent platform + the community aspect makes all of the difference. I hope other aspiring affiliate marketers will find Wealthy Affiliate.


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