Baby Steps For Financial Freedom

Baby Steps For Financial Freedom
That’s little me, contemplating my first baby steps!

Contemplating making the big quest from financial boredom to financial freedom? That journey of a thousand steps starts with the first step.

Before you can build a sky scraper, you need to lay a solid foundation. From there you’ll build up slowly but surely.


When starting out a new online business, a huge problem people face is impatience. It seems like people come into this with a “lottery mentality” or they think they’re going to get rich quick. There are plenty of crooks out there who just want to take your money and offer empty promises of fast riches. You best defense is patience!

There will be speed bumps and setback along the way. There will be triumphant moments, too!

Business Success Requires Patience!
Patience will see you through those day to day ups and downs


Lots of steps forward and steps backward. In the end, you are moving forward.



Do you act impulsively or in spurts and fits? Do you prefer to have a daily routine?

If you look back at every great success, you’ll see that it was reached by doing certain things consistently, day after day, week after week for months and years. Consistent effort has a cumulative time-value.

Having a singular vision, a goal, a passion that you live every moment for, also helps one to remain focused on achieving their desired outcome. It is difficult to establish any productive routine without knowing what it is you want accomplish.

Studies generally show that establishing a new habit takes about three weeks to a month. This is what makes the “getting started” phase of any new venture challenging. You’re being overwhelmed with lots of new material, and at the same time, have not yet settled into a comfortable daily routine for success.

Avoid spreading yourself to thin. It is much better to remain consistent and focused on one task, that to try and do too much at once. Knocking off one accomplishment is much more enjoyable than a lot half finished tasks that never get done!


Baby Steps!

Success One Baby Step At A TimeWhen learning anything new, start small. Take baby steps. Move up to the next level only when you become comfortable and are familiar with the current process. Before that next step, do your research, study others and pick their brains for information.

While failure is a great teacher, it’s much easier to learn from and correct several small failures than one huge one.

How many time have you thought to yourself: “I’m glad I learned about ABC first before trying XYZ!”

Fools rush in, or as I like to say: “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese!”



Yes – what you eat or better yet, what you don’t eat, will affect your productivity! A simple diet of unprocessed or minimally processed food and lots of water will help you to stay focused. Quality foods will allow your brain to function at its best capacity. This will help with being consistent. You’ll avoid the ups and downs that come with a diet full of sugar and caffeine. I am a big fan of what are called “Superfoods”. That combined with good drinking water enables me get this done and stick with it day after day.


Lend  a Hand Up Instead of a Handout

When you’re taking those first baby steps, being part of a group of other people at various stages in their journeys can be extremely helpful. Mingling with likeminded folks can inspire ideas you would have never thought of alone. I would not be where I am now without this wonderful community!


You’ll do much better in the long run consistently hitting lots of singles over time rather than trying score one big grand slam now. There you have it! A few wonderful time-tested tools for success that don’t cost a dime, but can return results that will benefit you forever.


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2 thoughts on “Baby Steps For Financial Freedom”

  1. Hi Oren,

    I came across this post and I must say it’s pretty encouraging. While looking for a way to make money online often I feel I will not succeed, but realizing that most people go through the same mental obstacles makes me feel better to keep going forward. Not that long ago I have realized that there are no shortcuts in making fast money so I hope this long journey will be rewarding. Thanks a lot for breaking it down for us.

    All the best to you!

    • Vasiliy, I’m glad you found this helpful. In this time of instant gratification, it too easy to expect too much too soon. Patience, Consistency, having a clear vision of where you want to be will pay off big in the long run. New Horizons didn’t reach Pluto overnight – so it goes with building a real business.
      All the best on your adventures!
      – Oren


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