Bluehost Shared Hosting Review

The Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Hello and welcome! Bluehost is one of the better low cost web hosting sites out there for those looking to start a new website. So, here’s a little rundown of my own experience with Bluehost.
I discovered Bluehost after seeing the Bluehost banner on many websites. I had wanted to move an old website from a crumbling 1990’s era hosting service to something modern. Bluehost was my pick. The attractive points were the low price, what looks like a fresh and modern set of tools to manage it, and of course, an affiliate program.
So far that website seems to be working great with no issues. Now I will say it does not get heavy traffic and is a simple “old school” site. I coded most all of it on a plain old text editor!

Who Is Bluehost?

Bluehost is a large website hosting service based in Provo, Utah where they operate their own 50,000 square foot server facility. They are a subsidiary of Endurance International Group which owns several other web hosting services.

Pros and Cons

ProsThe Good:

  • Low cost
  • Very popular
  • Decent selection of tools to use.
  • One click WordPress install.
  • Offers a lucrative affiliate program.
  • Easy to work with via an FTP client like FileZilla.
  • Very good price break if you opt for a multi year term.


ConsThe Bad:

  • Shared servers can be slow.
  • I’ve heard complaints of server outages among several users.
  • Occasional crashes of websites reported due the server throttling on shared servers. This happens if a website consumes a lot of CPU resources and triggers throttling.
  • No monthly terms – just annual terms. I had to purchase a three year term to take full advantage of the offered “monthly” price.


Target Audience

  • Small businesses in need of a website.
  • Anyone wanting to lock in a low price for a few years.
  • People who are not “tech savvy” who want to quickly build and manage a professional quality website.
  • Tech savvy “power users” who want to manage their website the classic way!
  • Anyone looking for no hassle WordPress hosting.



I have had no issues where I’ve needed to request support personally. The online documentation and FAQs has answered any questions I may have.

The only technicality I encountered was that I had to transfer the DNS name server addresses of the company, with whom my domain name is registered, to Bluehost. This was an easy process. Beyond that, it has been smooth sailing!


Price Points

There are many plan levels and add on services. Shared hosting can be had just a few dollars a month if you purchase a multi year term.


My Final Opinion of BlueHost

This is great hosting service to go with if you’re getting started on the web and need a quick and easy way to register a domain, and get a website up and running.

For large scale, high traffic, websites I realize that Bluehost is not a popular choice. So you may want to consider other hosting services that specialize in high performance.

As an added perk, Bluehost offers an affiliate program where you can earn a commission if you refer someone to Bluehost and they purchase a plan.


My Verdict




I have had a very positive experience with them and would happily recommend Bluehost to anyone looking a super low cost website hosting service. I’ll tell you up front (nobody else does), that you’ll want to go for a multi-year plan to get the very best price. Make sure this is something you want to commit to.



I hope this little write up has helped you make an informed decision about Bluehost! Your questions and comments are always welcome.

Cheers and warmest regards!


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4 thoughts on “Bluehost Shared Hosting Review”

  1. Bluehost sounds the real deal for small website services like I use however I required basic to advanced training included so I opted for a company who offered a training and hosting service.

    Moving your website over to Bluehost seemed a pleasant journey for you whilst as mentioned here, WordPress websites are so user friendly requiring very basic knowledge of building, I’ve grasped the process efficiently in the beginning, presently building my website out towards higher rankings.

    You mention a shared service can lead to slower downloads. Would this present a problem to a small sized website or is it just the larger companies that will be affected?

    Having support is critical where hosting services are concerned, sound like they have delivered full support for your concerns, thumbs up here.
    Thanks for introducing me to Bluehost,

    • Hi Simon, thank you for your comment! As for shared hosting speed issues, a small low traffic website will seldom have any problems. Very large websites that consume a lot of resources and/or get a lot of traffic are more likely to be problematic on a shared server. In that case it would be worthwhile to move to a dedicated server option.

      Web hosting is fiercely competitive these days – providers are one-upping one another in the service and support offered. Bluehost has been good enough for my needs.

      Cheers and best to you!

  2. I currently have one of my websites hosted on BlueHost. I took one of their long-term deals and got a great monthly rate.So far they have been an OK webhost for my site. I will keep my site there until my hosting agreement expires. Fortunately, I have not had a reason to use the customer service/support. So I don’t know how they compare to some of the other web hosting companies I have used. The one issue I have, which you alluded to in your review, is their server speed. BlueHost shared servers are slow in my opinion. Bottom line is it all depends on what you are looking for in web hosting services.

    • Hi Glen, thanks for chiming in! I appreciate you sharing your experience with Bluehost. I’ll concur, you have to pick and choose what’s best for your needs. I do like locking in the low price for a few years.


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