How To Make Your WordPress Blog Shareable

In this this post we’ll do a “quick start” on how to add Open Graph to WordPress and make your content shareable on Facebook. When you share a web page to Facebook a number of things happen. Facebook will “crawl” your page and try to gather information needed to put together a share post. It will make a best guess… Read More »

Learn and Earn Using WordPress

Having a website is essential for anyone serious about building an online business. Using WordPress to build a website is one of the easiest ways I’ve found to do this. WordPress is very easy to set up yet very customizable down to every detail. Something for both beginners and seasoned pros.   A Versatile Content Management System A… Read More »

Avoid These 10 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes!

Affiliate marketing  is a fun way to earn some income from your own website. It is easy to get set up and running, and even easier to get into trouble if you’re not careful! Below is a list of some of the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes that beginners may make, along with some tips on how to avoid them.… Read More »

Make Extra Income After Retirement

Looking for some honest ideas on how to earn extra income after retirement? Are those “golden years” are not looking so golden after all? You are not alone! Today, we are living a lot longer. This is challenging many of us to find sources of additional income to supplement what we do have for retirement – if any. Here… Read More »

Baby Steps For Financial Freedom

Contemplating making the big quest from financial boredom to financial freedom? That journey of a thousand steps starts with the first step. Before you can build a sky scraper, you need to lay a solid foundation. From there you’ll build up slowly but surely. Patience! When starting out a new online business, a huge problem people face is… Read More »