What Is PPC and SEO?

More three letter acronyms! Life is full of them. So, just what the heck are these two? So first off…   What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO) SEO is the art of tuning up, or optimizing, the way your web site or page will appear in search results when people enter certain keywords. It is how search engines sort… Read More »

Things I Am Thankful For

Being born to two wonderful parents Dan and Donna Leavitt, along with my wonderful brother Jared, and family. The abundance of opportunity this world presents, and the motivation to pursue it and turn it into something meaningful. Having a great career in software development. Being in great health. Having great drinking water! Having fresh air! Thousands of awesome friends on Facebook… Read More »

1000 Words A Day To Better Blog Health

Feeling stuck? Do you have lots of great ideas, but just cannot get the words flowing? Well, here’s a great solution – Just Write! That was how I was feeling today. So that’s what I did – Write, period. This post is the result. If you want to earn income blogging or just get good at writing, adding new, fresh and… Read More »

What Is Affiliate Marketing And Does It Work?

With 2017 and beyond shaping up to be great years for Affiliate Marketers, thanks largely to Google’s clean up of spam from search engine results, this may be the best time ever to get started in affiliate marketing. So let’s do a little rundown on what this thing is all about.   So, what is Affiliate Marketing? In its… Read More »

Tribute To Lead The Field By Earl Nightingale

A quick post to give a shoutout to Earl Nightingale’s Lead The Field, one my all time favorite self improvement audio tape series. This was one of the first motivational training audio courses I had purchased, and can never get enough of it. This was a series of twelve lessons on six cassette tapes by Earl Nightingale, who became known as… Read More »