How To Write Content For A Blog

How To Write Content For A Blog Or Website

We all know that relevant original content is what converts. It is the one thing you’ll spend most of your time on when building your business or niche blog. So, let’s learn how to write content for a website or blog in an efficient, organized and timely manner! It begins – there it is in front of … Read more

1000 Words A Day To Better Blog Health

How To Make 1000 Dollars A Day Online

Feeling stuck? Do you have lots of great ideas, but just cannot get the words flowing? Well, here’s a great solution – Just Write! That was how I was feeling today. So that’s what I did – Write, period. This post is the result. If you want to earn income blogging or just get good at writing, adding … Read more

Tribute To Lead The Field By Earl Nightingale

Lead The Field By Earl Nightingale

A quick post to give a shoutout to Earl Nightingale’s Lead The Field, one my all time favorite self improvement audio tape series. This was one of the first motivational training audio courses I had purchased, and can never get enough of it. This was a series of twelve lessons on six cassette tapes by Earl Nightingale, … Read more

A Handful Of My Favorite Quotes

Favorite Quotes

As an initial post to kick off this blog site, here are a few of my favorite quotes that I turn to for inspiration: “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.” — Thomas Alva Edison “Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.” — Friedrich Nietzsche “What can you do that’s … Read more