How To Attract Customers To Your Business

How To Attract Customers To Your Business
Well? Stop being a “sell-bot” and be human, darn it! There, that’s it. That’s how to attract customers to your business or website. Customers are humans seeking the help of other humans to answer their question or solve a problem. Not only that, they are looking for someone to relate to, someone who can empathize with their situation.

Once upon a time, the only way to build business was to meet people face to face and get to know them first. If the chemistry was good a productive relationship would develop. Online business is no different. It is about building trust and relationship with your audience.

If you’ve ever ran a lemonade stand as a kid, you’ve learned the first valuable lessons of business 101!


The Problem – An impersonal faceless Internet

Binary Zeroes And Ones

Along came the Internet. Nowadays, we can connect to one another from just about anywhere. The problem is that we don’t really know who we’re communicating with.

There are about a bazillion websites out there that all look different and yet are the same. Something like faceless robots pointing out features on a product and trying to get you to hit that “Buy” button or subscribe to some service. People (or robots) you don’t know foisting stuff in your face. We grow numb to seeing this day after day.

There are many of us are out there trying to establish an online business. We all want to achieve that dream of freedom from the 9 to 5 grind and working on our own terms. Trouble is, we all get so caught up in this process of marketing, the technical stuff, and just trying to make that first sale. We forget that behind those “clicks” (except for the actual “bots”) are living, breathing human beings!

We are masked by this thick layer of digital technology between our faces.


The Solution – The humans on both ends of an impersonal faceless Internet

Make Your Website Human!

You hear it all of the time – “Give it the human touch” – that’s what they all say! Why settle for just a “touch”? Go all-out full-blown human! When people come to your website make ’em feel like they’re a guest coming over to hang out with you. Like you’re meeting for coffee and a conversation. Invite them in and show them around “the house”!

Thinking from your customer’s perspective vs treating your visitors as a bunch of statistics and clicks that you’re trying to convert.


Some Ways to Humanize Your Website

Here are some ideas to help put a human face on your business and give them a big warm welcome!

Conversation And Engagement

It’s much more fun when you’re engaged in a conversation, rather than listening to a monotone “lecture”. Don’t just talk at your audience like you’re just playing a script. Robots do that!

Write like you’re having a conversation in real life. Put yourself in their perspective as you write. Get some two way communication going by asking questions and encouraging participation. Show your sense of humor, too. Provide a way for visitors to leave comments and invite them to comment. Use WordPress or add Disqus, etc.

As I’ve mentioned in other places, comments add quality content and life to your site. The activity and fresh content help attract more traffic, too!

Be Natural

Be you! Myself, I have lots of  little quirks in the way I write and communicate, especially in oral communication. If I tried to hide it or make things too perfect, I wouldn’t have any time left in the day. Worst of all, I’d look just like everybody else!

Be yourself, you’ll make more friends that way 🙂

Thank You

These two simple words can make a lot of difference! When someone answers a question you’ve asked or they’ve signed up for your emails, or wherever it seems appropriate – show some gratitude and give ’em a heartfelt “thank you” message. Show them that you appreciate their business.


Wrap up you posts with your real name as a signature. A fancy graphic image adds a nice touch. I like to use an actual captured written signature that I made on an iPad, and a photo of myself. I use a few different signatures on my posts so that they don’t all look exactly the same.


After your signature, you may want to include a “PS” note. As this is the last text your guests will read, it is a great opportunity to remind them of important points, and maybe a call to action to keep in touch, take the next step, or explore some related articles on your site.

Your “About” Page

I can’t think a better way to put a human face on your blog or website than by writing up an “About Me” page, and introducing yourself. Not just a bland paragraph or two, but about a thousand words or so about you! Include some candid photos of yourself, tell some stories, what you enjoy, your motivation behind your website, etc.

When people visit your site, they will most likely look for an “About” page to find out who you are. So make it the best first impression you can! Break the ice and make your guests feel like they just got to know you a little better. Let them see the real “human you”. Here are some great examples of About pages.

Put some effort into that About page. It’s going to get a lot of views!



Let’s wrap this one up by remembering that when someone visits our website or blog, treat it like you’re face to face with them. Like you’re inviting them in to check out “your place” and offer some hospitality. This works especially well for small business websites or blogs with small customer bases. It is easy to build rapport and relationships with your audience. Doing this will come naturally if you’re in a niche that you enjoy and can share passionately.

Wishing you the very best!



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It has been a pleasure to meet you! I hope you’ll hang out for a bit and check out the rest of the place. Your questions, comments and any personal experiences on humanizing websites are welcome!

2 thoughts on “How To Attract Customers To Your Business”

  1. Hi Owen
    I wholeheartedly agree. I suppose it’s about branding our work with our personality. I understand people’s reluctance because I find it quite difficult at times. I don’t think there’s anything particularly ‘stand-out’ in my personality. But I am on the lookout, yesterday I posted on Facebook about the heat and the Aussie Tennis Open, which is being played close to where I live. That little snippet got interaction from people that I haven’t communicated with before on Facebook. Baby Steps.

    • Hi Deb, thank you for chiming in! I’ll agree – sometimes it can be difficult to “personalize” some posts or topics. In those cases, I just let it be that way and let that post take on its own “personality”. Let common sense be your guide on how much and when to “personalize”.

      That’s a good point right there about relating to the weather and the Aussie Tennis Open. That made a great ice-breaker for getting introduced to some new people.

      Cheers and best to you!

      – Oren


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