How To Create A Blog Website For Free

How To Create A Blog Website For FreeSetting up a website is the most important first step to starting your online business. Nowadays it is easier than ever, and we have so many choices out there that it becomes confusing!

Gone are the old days when the only options were hours of tedious HTML coding, uploading it to your server over FTP and hoping it all worked. Let alone the fact that website hosting 20 years ago was expensive!

Today we have content management systems like Weebly, WordPress, Blogger, Wix and many others that handle the boilerplate “code” using templates that we can customize and fill with our content.

In this post, I will show you how to create a WordPress blog website for free. Why WordPress? Because it is the one platform that can grow with you as your skills and business grow. There are lots of ways out there you turn your WordPress blog into a full fledged business website.


What About Blogger?

Blogger is okay if you just want a simple blog. People have done lots of great things, and built businesses from the Blogger platform. The problem is you are stuck with your site being on a Google server that you have no control over. Your choice of themes and ways to customize it are very limited. Being owned by Google, Blogger does integrate nicely with your Google account.

WordPress will give you much more control and can be just as easy to set up! You have many options for hosting your WordPress site. Not to mention a massive amount of community support.


WordPress the Easy Way

Here we’ll show you quickly you can be up and running with a WordPress blog website on SiteRubix, the WordPress website hosting/domain management section of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Let’s now mosey on over to Wealthy Affiliate for a walk through on how you can set up a WordPress website in 30 seconds or even less.

Create A WordPress Website In 30 Seconds

Of course, 30 seconds is awfully fast for something you’ll normally go through at more leisurely pace. But, it does serve as a demo of just how simple the actual process itself is!



There are many hosting services out there offering WordPress site hosting. For example, Bluehost or Going with a hosting service spares you the “backend” details of setting up, securing, and maintaining your WordPress site. This lets you focus on your writing and creating great content!

They’re good, but I have received the best service and bang for the buck by going with the Wealthy Affiliate SiteRubix platform. I wanted more than just basic WordPress hosting.

I wanted a complete platform on which I could learn how to build a business, have the tools I needed, and an active community to get help from. So I got on board with Wealthy Affiliate University where I could have it all under one login, and for one low price.

As you learned from the video above, you can get started with two free websites under the SiteRubix domain. Don’t underestimate those freebie SiteRubix sites – they can get mighty good traffic! Check out this report from a fellow member.


Click Here To Get Started!


I’m keeping this post short and sweet because that really is all there is to getting up and running with your own WordPress website!

Let’s get busy, make some awesome websites and live the life of our dreams. Your comments and questions are welcome. Cheers and and best!



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6 thoughts on “How To Create A Blog Website For Free”

  1. It is hard to list all the advantages of working with WA, but among the top ones is website creation through WordPress. When starting out, there are so many choices, but the combination of WA with WordPress is hard to beat.

    • Hi John, agreed! The training at WA is top notch and having the community support is awesome. Before this, I just thought WordPress was a just another “blog thingy” – well, I’ve learned a lot lately! WordPress is quite a versatile content management system, that is a blogging platform at heart.

      Cheers and best to you for 2017!

  2. Thanks a lot for letting us know that there is Wealthy Affiliate through which we can get step by step training to make a good blog and that is also using wordpress theme. Thank you very much for this post.

    • Hi Deraj, you are welcome and thank you for your comment!

      The training, and community help, I have received through WA has really helped me get rolling. Anyone can setup a WordPress site easily, but learning how to put it all together correctly and building a WordPress site into a full fledged affiliate marketing business is where WA really helps!

      Cheers and best to you for 2017!

      – Oren

  3. Hi Oren, it is so true building websites is so simple in these days and times! I remember the days of the writing the HTML coding and loading via FTP. I have three main WordPress sites and it is so nice to be able to add anything I want to, to them. They are so changeable and correctable! There are so many themes to match anybody’s niche business. I have had other types of websites and I always come back to the WordPress. Great post, thank you!
    Wishing you all the best!

    • Hi Linda, thank you kindly for the comment! Yes, being able to change a lot of stuff like themes, CSS, and plugins without breaking your content is another great perk to using WordPress.

      Best to you this New Year!

      – Oren


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