How To Get More Traffic To Your Website For Free

We all know how vital visitor traffic is for our businesses – online or offline. Here are some realistic ways to get free traffic to your website or blog. First a caveat: You’ve probably searched on the subject and have seen all of these “get free traffic” ads where you simply submit your website address and they in… Read More »

How To Avoid Getting Scammed Online

Howdy! It is the Wild West Web out there when it comes to that old chestnut of “making money online”. Glad to have you here at my outpost before you make the westward journey. So let’s stock up on some “ammo” against these outlaws! Those guys, the ones luring you with those glossy dreamy pictures of cruise ships, yachts,… Read More »

Make Money With Your Beard!

Beards have gained popularity as of lately. I speak for myself  as the proud owner of a 9 year old, 3 feet long beard. I have been growing mine long before the “trend” picked up. So, naturally I thought a beard/income related post here was an order. Yes, there is money in beards! Beard oil and beard grooming accessories… Read More »

Bluehost Shared Hosting Review

Hello and welcome! Bluehost is one of the better low cost web hosting sites out there for those looking to start a new website. So, here’s a little rundown of my own experience with Bluehost. I discovered Bluehost after seeing the Bluehost banner on many websites. I had wanted to move an old website from a crumbling 1990’s era hosting… Read More »

All In One SEO Review: My Favorite WordPress Workhorse

This humble WordPress plugin, from the good guys at SemperPlugins has become my buddy for getting the meta tags set up right on my WordPress site and in my posts. Not only for setting general SEO settings and meta title and description, but also social sharing meta tags for Open Graph, and XML site maps.   What Is… Read More »