Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review

Keyword research can be fun – it’s a bit like panning for gold. Having the right tools makes it easier to sort out the dirt and find those gold nuggets! An important task for any business who want’s to attract the right traffic to their website is keyword research. Up until the last decade or so, choosing keywords… Read More »

Best Online Business Ideas For 2017

Happy New Year from Oren here at I Do Passive Income! A new year has begun, and with it comes new challenges and great opportunities. One can choose to be overwhelmed by the challenges and crawl under a rock – or one can prepare themselves for the opportunities ahead. To kick off the first post of the year, I… Read More »

How To Write Content For A Blog

We all know that relevant original content is what converts. It is the one thing you’ll spend most of your time on when building your business or niche blog. So, let’s learn how to write content for a website or blog in an efficient, organized and timely manner! It begins – there it is in front of you. That pristine… Read More »

How To Create A Blog Website For Free

Setting up a website is the most important first step to starting your online business. Nowadays it is easier than ever, and we have so many choices out there that it becomes confusing! Gone are the old days when the only options were hours of tedious HTML coding, uploading it to your server over FTP and hoping it all… Read More »

Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

The Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger once quoted that: “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity” Opportunity is there all of the time! Are you prepared? I originally heard this quote while listening to Earl Nightingale’s “Lead The Field” series many years ago on cassette tapes. It has since become a guiding light in my own quest… Read More »