Learn Pay Per Click Marketing – Without Losing Your Shirt!

Learn Pay Per Click Marketing - Without Losing Your Shirt!

In this article, I’d like to show you how to learn pay per click marketing and avoid common mistakes so many newcomers make. PPC can be very costly, like a bad day at the casino, if you’re not careful! Pay Per Click (PPC) is basically paying to advertise or promote your offer or content on search … Read more

What Is A Trusted Advisor? – How To Gain Trust

  The people who visit your website and who even become customers are not a once-and-done deal. It is the start of a relationship where you are earning the trust of your audience. Let’s explore what is a Trusted Advisor, and how this model can help you build great relationships with your audience. Getting to … Read more

How To Make Money Selling Tiny Houses

How To Make Money Selling Tiny Houses

Let’s take a dive into an exciting new way to make money selling houses – very tiny houses in fact! Tiny houses are essentially very small homes about the size of a mobile home or even smaller, but they are built like a full size traditional home. Many tiny home designs can even be built on a trailer … Read more

Best Online Business Ideas For 2017

Best Online Business Ideas For 2017

Happy New Year from Oren here at I Do Passive Income! A new year has begun, and with it comes new challenges and great opportunities. One can choose to be overwhelmed by the challenges and crawl under a rock – or one can prepare themselves for the opportunities ahead. To kick off the first post of … Read more

Finding Your Niche Business

Finding Your Niche

  What is a Niche Business? It is a business built around a specialized topic targeting a certain demographic. A group of people with one thing in common is a “niche”. For example, a website that specializes in the needs of Corgi dogs is targeting a specific niche market. This is different from, for example, … Read more